Since the beginning of the study in 1426 AH, Department of Admission and Registration is an important part of this educational system. Department of Admission and Registration has important responsibilities as it not only limited to academic follow-up of students until graduation from the university, but its responsibilities include providing all information about the university, colleges and specializations. It announces the conditions for admission to the university and the academic rules and regulations. It answers all inquiries related to admission and registration, and prepares the statistics required by the various authorities inside and outside the university.


  1. Developing mechanisms, standards, and services for admission and registration.
  2. Enhancing the professional development of the Admission and Registration Department staff.
  3. Assisting in the development of academic programs.
  4. Assisting in developing mechanisms for tuition fees and financial collection.
  5. Automation of admission and registration processes by 95%.
  6. Facilitating admission and registration procedures, and serving the student electronically.


  • Quality: We are committed to high quality in inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Integrity: We perform our work with sincerity, mastery and dedication in accordance with professional ethics.
  • Transparency: We are committed to the highest levels of transparency, integrity and accountability within the framework of corporate governance.
  • Collectiveness: We do our work in the spirit of one team.
  • Innovativeness: We promote creative thinking and creative spirit, intellectually and productively.
  • Continuous Learning: We support continuing education and learning inside and outside the university.
  • Development: We believe in the necessity of development and growth in all fields and businesses



Strategic Plan

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