In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful,

The education sector is given full care, attention and support by our wise government – may Allah support it – as its budget is ranked among the highest ones because our government fully believes that development is first done by preparing human beings. Then, human beings, based on perception, thinking, science, and knowledge, turn stone into gold. Private university education is considered an important pillar in the educational process because it shares the problems of education with public education. It pursues the same goal. It   longs for progress, prosperity, and honor for our dear kingdom. Mustaqbal University assumed this responsibility by providing appropriate infrastructure, full material capabilities, recruiting qualified administrative and academic cadres, and applying scientific methodology, to become a beacon of enlightenment. The University is guided by its vision to be (A nationally distinguished university in education and professionalization for future competent students.). It is committed to its mission (Providing distinguished education and professionalization, fostering innovation and partnership, in fulfillment of the needs of our society). It seeks to be, with other national universities, shining building blocks in the edifice of this country.


Dr. Mohammed Saleh  Alshitawi.

University’s Rector