The concept of strategic planning has become important in modern management in private and governmental institutions alike. It contributes to the development of institutions in a radical way and achieves high levels of continuity and growth. Strategic planning is a good approach for defining and achieving long-term goals in various fields, including educational and research fields, following the steps of developing higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Education encouraged public and private universities to develop strategic and executive plans and made this within the standards of institutional accreditation. The universities have shown growing capabilities in this field, and sought to institutionalize this work by establishing departments specialized in strategic planning. In this way, it is logical for Mustaqbal University to adopt strategic thinking as its approach, which made it take the initiative to prepare an ambitious five-year strategic plan, then prepare an accurate implementation plan, and then set a guiding framework for units in order to develop sub-strategic plans. All of this culminated in the establishment of the Strategic Planning Department on 17/1/2021, which enabled the university to follow up on the implementation of its strategic plan and to strive to achieve its vision, mission and strategic goals, including the rehabilitation of human wealth for this country in accordance with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.


  • Quality: We are committed to high quality in inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Integrity: We perform our work with sincerity, mastery and dedication in accordance with professional ethics.
  • Transparency: We are committed to the highest levels of transparency, integrity and accountability within the framework of corporate governance.
  • Collectiveness: We do our work in the spirit of one team.
  • Innovativeness: We promote creative thinking and creative spirit, intellectually and productively.
  • Continuous Learning: We support continuing education and learning inside and outside the university.
  • Development: We believe in the necessity of development and growth in all fields and businesses


Excellence in activating strategic thinking at Mustaqbal University.


Actively contributing to the preparation, implementation and documentation of the university’s strategic plan and follow-up on it according to the best scientific, professional and technical practices.

Strategic Plan