1- Contributing to raising youth awareness and strengthening their sense of belonging to their nation and homeland.

2- Consolidation of social values, fair competition, and responsibility.

3- Contributing to the development of students’ abilities and talents and employing them in fruitful work.

4- Discovering and developing talents, and employing students’ abilities in a creative and useful way.

5- Development of the skills of students expected to graduate, and encouraging them to excel and achieve creativity.

6- Organizing meetings for distinguished graduates who have succeeded in their practical lives, and presenting the progress of their success.


  • Quality: We are committed to high quality in inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Integrity: We perform our work with sincerity, mastery and dedication in accordance with professional ethics.
  • Transparency: We are committed to the highest levels of transparency, integrity and accountability within the framework of corporate governance.
  • Collectiveness: We do our work in the spirit of one team.
  • Innovativeness: We promote creative thinking and creative spirit, intellectually and productively.
  • Continuous Learning: We support continuing education and learning inside and outside the university.
  • Development: We believe in the necessity of development and growth in all fields and businesses


A distinguished department that contributes to building the personality of male and female students, developing their skills, meeting their desires, and employing them to in a way that they benefit their religion and country.


The Student Affairs Department seeks to contribute to building the personality of male and female students in a balanced manner during study. After graduation, it develops the traits of a serious personality that contributes to advancing development in society, through an integrated system of cultural, social and sports programs and activities that enhance their abilities and develop their skills.