Faculty of Dentistry

In view of the Kingdom’s interest in education and the Saudi government’s commitment to expanding educational facilities, the Future University, “formerly Qassim National Colleges,” began to have a prominent leading role in the process of private higher education at the local and regional levels by achieving more attention to quality standards, so that its students acquire Skills and abilities that meet the needs of the labor market.

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Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Humanities

The start of the educational movement at the College of Administrative Sciences and Humanities dates back to the academic year 1426/1427 AH, and the college currently includes three scientific departments: Law, English, and Business Administration, with a total of more than 800 students.The college also recently embarked on establishing the Department of Sports and Movement Sciences, which is one of the college’s future departments. The Department of Law, and it was previously called (Sharia and Law Department), is one of the oldest scientific departments in the college. The study in the department is characterized by the presence of a developed study plan, capable of keeping pace with emerging issues in the legal and legal field. In pursuit of graduating distinguished scientific cadres who have the faculty of creativity, criticism and analysis in the legal and Sharia fields, capable of community participation. The Department of English offers its students bachelor’s degrees in Applied Linguistics. The undergraduate study plan also includes courses aimed at the first levels to enhance students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, while the specialization courses at the advanced levels provide students with scientific knowledge in theoretical and applied linguistics. Then the Department of Business Administration shone with its precise tracks during the academic year 1439 / 1440 AH; In an effort to provide a distinguished educational service, in accordance with the needs of society, and to prepare qualified and distinguished national cadres in the field of business administration.

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College of Engineering and Computer Science

Providing distinguished education and enhancing the skill side in the fields of engineering and computer science, to prepare qualified graduates with skills and knowledge and to ensure their equipment to meet the changing demands of the labor market and society, through the development of technologies and innovation.

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Due to the Kingdom’s interest in education and the wise leadership’s commitment to expanding educational facilities, Future University has emerged as a leading player in the private higher education sector at both the local and national levels. By placing greater emphasis on quality standards, the university aims to ensure that its students acquire the skills and capabilities that meet the demands of the job market.




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May 9, 2021

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